Healthcare Information Systems Joining the Mobile Scanning Revolution

Posted by Leslie Titus Bryant on Aug 27, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Health Information Systems (HIS) are a crucial aspect of any hospital or health system. It is important that the patient’s information electronic health record or EHR is up-to-date, accurate, and secure in the information system for their health and safety. Any health record is only as good as what information it has and how it is used. According to, “EHRs can enhance patient safety and provide safer health care through comprehensiveness, speed, flagging potential conflicts, verifying medications and dosages, and reducing the need to repeat risky tests and procedures.”

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Topics: Code, Healthcare Innovation, Code Corporation, healthcare data capture, Healthcare Workflow, patient safety, Medication Administration, healthcare barcode scanning, bedside patient safety, Health Information Systems, healthcare mobility

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