No 2018 Tariff for Code Products!

Posted by Leslie Titus Bryant on Oct 2, 2018 3:17:14 PM
Leslie Titus Bryant
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Cost of Doing Business Increase? Nope, Not for Code


What is that all about you might ask? Well, back in August the United States government placed new tariffs on a number of goods being imported from China. The first wave of action on this started on October 1st. The long and short of it is that an extra 10% duty will be placed on 279 product categories, including barcode readers and this tax will increase to 25% in January of 2019

As a results many business selling barcode scanners have been raising their prices leaving resellers and consumers feeling the pinch. Well, all those except for Code. Since data capture using barcode scanning has become such an important part of many workflow solutions from healthcare to manufacturing and retail to logistics, this move impacts every industry on many different levels.  

Code Products Are Not Made in China

How is Code not affected by the tariff? It is pretty simple, Code product are not made or shipped from China. For those that do business with Code, we want to say, thanks! For those that don't and have been thinking about a data capture upgrade–now would be a perfect time! Instead of paying more for a products that struggle to meet your workflow needs you should consider a move to Code! Where our superior decoding technology can't help but scan barcodes other's simply can't.  

What's next? At Code, of course, it is business as usual! There will be no disruption of deliveries, and more importantly, you will not experience price increases on any of Code’s products due to the ongoing trade dispute. 

For more information on Code technology check our our product menu!

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