Posted by Kim Justesen on Mar 6, 2020 5:00:00 AM
Kim Justesen

At Code, we are fortunate to work with a number of partners in providing our scanners and software to businesses and growing our reach across the US and abroad. Working side by side with Code, our partners help us continue to strengthen our place in the marketplace by creating complete, unique solutions to better serve the customer. Partners are a valuable component of our business and success. In the coming months, we will be highlighting some of our partners who have helped us lay a solid foundation and are helping us expand and grow into the future.

Today, we’d like to share the spotlight with Appetize, the modern Enterprise Cloud Point of Sale (POS) and management platform for enterprise foodservice and retail. Trusted by many of the world’s best known and highest volume businesses, they serve sports and entertainment venues, theme parks and attractions, restaurants, retailers, education campuses, and business cafeterias. Appetize has simplified the order and transaction process to help businesses drive financial performance, improve the guest experience, and future-proof operations.

Since its founding in 2011, Appetize has strived to meet its mission of enhancing the guest ordering experience while making operations more efficient and productive. They provide all the benefits and flexibility of the cloud including easy deployment, scale-up, reconfiguration and upgrade capabilities, with enterprise capabilities such as centralized management and real-time reporting.

As the technology hub for commerce, Appetize has connected their ordering technologies which include POS terminals, handheld devices, self-service kiosks, mobile and online ordering, with best-in-class application and technology integrations.  For their solution with Code,

Appetize uses the CR5000 hands-free presentation scanner to combine with their software in the sports stadium’s vending areas.  The ease of programming with JavaScript allows the scanner to complete a multitude of operations with the data scanned.  Because of the adaptability of data editing and formatting, the scanner can do anything you want with data from multiplication to reformatting loyalty card information to age verification from driver licenses.  This feature allows Appetize to easily make changes now or in the future with zero constraints.

According to Matt Anderson, Manager of Strategy and Partnerships, “Appetize is proud to partner with Code, to provide the data capture successes that allow fast, accurate transactions. Appetize benefits from the integration with Code due to its scanning performance, product reliability, easy customization, product durability, first-rate engineering, and support teams.”  Together, Code and Appetize capture success exceeding customer, partner, and employee expectations. 

Today, Appetize powers many well-known Fortune 500 companies and enterprises to process billions of dollars annually. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices across the United States, their team of experts helps Appetize users modernize and scale their business.

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